Rental of premises

The exclusive environment of the Ľupča castle is an ideal place to draw attention to your business activities. Wide range of exploitability of the pretentious premises is flexible to your requirements not only by capacity limits but also by its variability. We are here for you to offer the complete service - from simple informal meetings to social events with sound system stands in the courtyard of the castle, pretentious menu for dozens of participants and other specific requirements (heliport, etc..).

Description of premises for rent

  • Gisela house – consists of: Gisela hall, Social hall
  • Southern courtyard
  • Hunting lounge

Gisela hall

Contains frescoes from the end of the 19th century. On the front wall there is a portrait of Gisela - Archduchess of Austria. The interior of the hall is lighted by row of windows on the south wall. Gisela hall furniture consists of the Louis XVI style chairs. Lamps on the side walls and four hanging chandeliers come from Czech glass factories. The room is suitable for ceremonies, signing of major contracts, presentation of awards, classical music concerts for a smaller company, business lunches of prominent statesmen and celebrities, granting of significant annual awards or celebration of life and work anniversaries.
Capacity: 65 seats

Social hall

Social hall is a large hall with a maximum capacity of 50 seats. The hall is lighted by the row of windows on three sides. It is connected to Gisela hall by a marble staircase. The floor is made from dark wood and beamed ceiling is covered with wooden cover after the restoration. The room has great acoustics. The interior is illuminated by forged hanging chandeliers and side lamps of the same type. Hall furniture consists of series of chairs and tables made of dark wood. The room is suitable for business presentations, corporate meetings, chamber fashion shows, wine and cheese tasting.
Capacity: 50 seats
100 people – event in the form of banquet or reception
Both rooms are contemporarily decorated and are used for important cultural and social events (classical music concerts, balls, weddings, business presentations, corporate meetings, chamber fashion shows, wine tasting, cheese tasting etc..). The place is guarded 24 hours by its own security service. During the absence of the visitors the room is secured by the enabled security system.

Southern courtyard

Offers a wonderful view of the Lupcianska basin through which an important route “Via Magna” led in medieval times. In case of the southern courtyard rental it is necessary to take into account rental of the appropriate furniture and occasional roofing.
Capacity: 50 seats

Hunting lounge

Is part of the modern extension of service buildings connecting to the northern wall of the lower courtyard. The interior is illuminated by a pair of windows on two sides. On those sides there are two door entrances. The interior is completed by wooden beam ceiling and wooden stairs leading to the attic. The room is furnished with carved wooden furniture with a capacity of 16 seats and three benches under windows. Walls are decorated with antlers, Ľupča ceramics and two hunting rifles from the 19th century. The room is suitable for informal gatherings.
Capacity: 16 seats

Rental fee
  • Gisela hall - rental 332,-€ / hour of rental
    Every next started hour 265,- €
  • Social hall of Gisela house 996,- €/3hours
    Every next started hour 265,- €
  • Southern courtyard 166,- €/hour
    Every next started hour 133,- €
    Hunting lounge 150,- €/4hours
    Every next started hour 50,- €

Based on the decision of the board of directors of ŽP a.s. the prices may be adjusted to negotiated price.
Note: rental price of possible additional premises is as per agreement.

Parking at the castle

Terrace in front of the castle has space for 30 cars. Small parking lot in front of the gateway (for
personal visits) has room for 8 cars. In case of the whole castle rental it is possible to park at the lower castle courtyard.The lower castle courtyard can serve as a heliport.
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